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Subject: Fast Cash Stripper (part 5: In Through the Out Door)The author's complete set of stories can be found here:
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MarianasDeep3hushmail.comI made some fast cash, but it sure was more than I bargained for.
I ended up with a belly full of cum, a lingering taste of cock in
my mouth, and a sore, leaking ass as I rode my bike home.
In Through the Out Door
I was once again onstage, and as before Scooter had not the time to
train me. I looked over to him to follow his leads. He was in a
`50's style jacket and jeans, dancing with a boy who, like me, was
in see-through leotards and wearing lipstick. I felt a tug on my
arm and instantly knew it was little asian lolita teen my partner for the dance, my friend
Steve in jeans and jacket. The dance was as if we were pairs at a
sock hop, not a problem to copy what the others were doing. But
then the boys with jeans unbuttoned their fly and zipped down. I
looked down to my waist, but saw no zipper, reminding me I was in
leotards. Instead of zipping down, Steve was pushing on my head.
I looked over at Scooter, whose partner was already on his knees in
front of him, his lipstick leaving marks on Scooters whities.
Another push on the head from Steve and I was at his crotch with
his fly down. The crowd was hysterical."Yeah, blow him bitch!" and other taunts were coming from the crowd.Steve was definitely hard, as were all the other boys in jeans. He
grabbed the back of my head, and as my lipstick covered mouth was
moving toward his crotch, I turned to get one last look at the
others. All the boys in very little lola nudes jeans had a face of a boy in leotards
pressed in his crotch. When my lip made contact with Steve's
crotch, it too left a red smear on his white underwear. Then the
gyrating started. Through his underwear, Steve's hard cock was
rubbing the left side of my face, then the right side, then the
left again. Then Steve pushed down on his bulge and the hard end
of his underwear went in my mouth. I was humiliated beyond belief,
which made it seem to go on for hours. The audience seemed to know
it, and loved it, their roaring deafening.When I was finally brought to my feet by Steve's hand, he grabbed
me as if we were going to dance. I tried to move into arm-in-arm,
but that was not the desired choreography. Instead, Steve was soon
behind me, his hard cock touching my right butt cheek, his arms
around my waist holding me in place from behind. He made contact a
couple of times with my right butt cheek, then moved and made
contact a couple times with the left cheek. Before long, his cock
was rubbing lengthwise up my crack, bumping me around with his
repeated hip thrusts. Dancing like this, we eventually moved our
way over to a chair. Steve pushed me so that I was bent over the
backside as he continued to bump my ass with his hard cock. The
crowd was screaming making my now crying inaudible.And suddenly the dance was over, and we were exiting stage left
again.As we lolita nudism top 100 came off the stage, Scooter grabbed my arm and led me to a
dressing room again. "Scooter, I don't want to give that guy a
blowjob again. He was weirding me out licking my ass last time!""Look, one more time, please. We're in a bit little asian lolita teen of trouble." Scooter
said."Whassup?" I asked."There are some guys with authority in this town, in the audience.
Let's just say our dance goes over the line a bit, but my uncle has
it worked it out."I looked confused."Sometimes we have to pay up ...", and when I didn't quite get it,
"... Mark, the mob rules tiny little pink lolita this town. We have to play by their
rules."After a long silence, he put the pressure on, "Mark, you're not the
only boy here. If you don't go along, we can all get into a lot of
trouble, and I'm not necessarily talking about the law." After a
long silence, he added, "Just blow the guy and be done with it."I was once again sitting on the bed in the dressing room, this time
wearing only dance leotards and no shirt. The door opened, and a
different man walked in, "WTF?" but Scooter had already left.The man just stood there staring at pictures pussy teen lolita
me at first, then noted my
unrest and asked, "You o.k.?""Yeah, I guess ... so you want a blowjob?""We could start with that," he said, unbuckling, unbuttoning, and
unzipping. He walked over, rubbing his cock to get it hard. I
once again was hesitant, not looking forward to another cock, but
soon had him in my mouth and went to work."Yeah, that's it baby," then he surprised me, "Did that last guy
hurt you?"I pulled off, slurping a bit, "He slapped me when I didn't want to
suck his cock ... he made me swallow, which was gross.""Yeah, he's a bit of a fuckhead. We try not to hurt our boys," as
he pulled me back onto his cock. I knew Scooter's uncle had been
selling blowjobs in the backhall, but I began to realize it was a
bigger racket than I thought. As I continued lolis sex stories incest to suck, he added,
"Not only bad for business, but disrespectful of your beauty ... I
won't hurt you."The tube running along the base of his cock was swelling with his
hard-on growing. His balls started pulling up close, and he
started to leak. This time, I knew what was going to happen, which
was actually making the job worse. His next words seemed odd to
me, "Yeah, that's it baby, lube it up really good." I continued to
suck, and then he pulled lolita fashion no nude
me off. "Let's have you turn around and
kneel on the bed."I didn't know why he wanted me to do that, but I complied. I felt
the back of my leotards being pulled off my ass. He patted my
butt, then rubbed it, then spanked it softly. Once again I felt my
ass cheeks being spread apart, then my asshole was licked like the
last guy had done. But I had been in a daze then, contemplating
the cum I had just swallowed. This time, I was thinking to myself,
"How gross? How can someone do that?" I verbalized what I was
thinking. "Why do you guys do that?""Just enjoying your cunt." I suddenly remembered that word the
last time. Then he added, "Did the last guy lick it?""Yeah, I guess." I said, not clearly remembering the details."Anything else?" he asked."Like what?""Like this?" he asked as I suddenly felt his tongue poke in. My
sphincter was too tight to let it all the way in, but enough to
gross me out. "No." I responded, obviously not remembering all
the different ways he had stimulated me to cum when I was blown.
"How about this?" he added as I felt a finger enter my ass...
"No." all I could remember was the explosive orgasm I had. This
guy soon found my prostrate between my asshole and balls and was
rubbing it. "No." I said, wanting him to stop. "Or this?" The
finger went so deep it took my breath. He was now pulling my
asshole the other way, up my crack, opening me. To relieve the
stress, I was following the finger by trying to raise my ass high
above the lolita preteen russian models bed. "No?" he asked. " in stop." I replied. He
returned to my prostrate. The rubbing was getting me horny fast."That's better isn't it? Here let's try this." He reached for the
bottle of clear liquid Scooter had left on the table with the
lipstick. I felt my asshole and crack get wet, then my asshole
stretched in different directions, all while the sensations from my
prostrate were growing. "You're doing great, kid, almost ready.""Ready? Ready for what?" I thought to myself. Then I felt his
hard cock running up and down my crack, faster and faster. I little asian lolita teen got
the idea he was going to rub one off in my crack, and I went along
with it. His finger re-entered my asshole again, lifting it up
again causing me to lift my ass again.Then he pressed down on his cock, submerging it from my crack into
my asshole."Owww ... hey, what the fuck are you doing?" my voice trailing off
into a wimper."Fucking you boy. Have you ever been fucked before?" he asked."Fucking me?" I thought to myself, "Boys can't be fucked!?!" All I
could get out was grunt of "no.""Good, I love taking virgins." He said with satisfaction, then
tried to assure me, "We'll take it slow." His cock was about half
way into my ass. He was climbing on top of me, pressing me into
the bed, cock sinking slowly deeper. I remember the warmth of his
chest as it began to lie on my back, then I was lying flat with my
chest down on the bed, and he was soon completely on top of me.
Panic set in because tiny little pink lolita I could no longer move under his weight, and
there was growing discomfort as my ass was filling with more and
more cock. Once he bottomed out, he laid motionless, waiting for
me to calm down, quit squirming, and get used to his girth.
"There, you've taken your first cock up your ass. It's not so bad,
is it?""Why are you doing this to me?" I asked perplexed."Well one, because I'm horny as hell, and two, because you've got
such a nice ass. Don't tell me you don't know you're advertising
it when you dance." After a while, he added, "I know boys like you
dream of getting fucked. I can tell because you're a pussy.""I'm not a pussy!" I protested."Well, you're about to get fucked like one." With that he pulled
out all except the head, then pushed it all the way in. I cried in
agony. He stopped once he was bottomed out again, and spoke in my
ear, "That's o.k., all pussies cry out when they're first fucked."
Then he added, "You're in luck kid, you're going to enjoy this too.
I love getting boys off while I fuck them. Makes their sphincters
suck my cock."With that he started the thrusting. I couldn't believe what was
happening. Eventually, he got off my back and lifted me onto my
knees, ass high, enabling him to grab my cock. He started stroking
it, while his cock was gliding over my prostrate. He started
talking dirty to me, which along with the stimulation confused me
into arousal. "Yeah, you're a little bitch boy. Likes his ass
fucked." I started moaning, to which he responded, "Yeah, that's
the little slut, let it out."His fucking was so fast and deep that my little ass cheeks were
making slapping sounds against his groin. I couldn't believe
believe it, but an orgasm was building in me. Something about
being used like a slut was exciting me. I soon climaxed, my
sphincter spasming around his cock. With that, he lost it. One
last thrust and he stopped. I knew he was cumming, filling me with
his sperm. He pulled out, then in again. More sperm. I couldn't
believe I had sperm knocked up inside me. The confusion was making
me cry again. How could a boy get fucked like this?"That's it boy, you've just been fucked. It's kinda emotional to
get fucked, especially the first time." Then he pulled out,
rubbing his cum covered cock on my crack and wiping it on my ass
cheeks."You've got to remember the first cock that took your ass. Come
here and get to know it by cleaning it off." With that he pulled
my head onto his cock. All I could think was, "no way, this has
been up my ass!" but before I could offer resistance, he had
squeezed my jaw open, holding my nose, and the cock was in my
mouth. All the smells and tastes of cock, sweat, musk, cum, and
now ass were making me sick to my stomach. The thought of it was
bad enough. I heaved a little, but all that came up was the cum
from the blowjob I gave last time. My mouth stuffed with cock, it
went back down with some new cum.Then the emasculation started. The subjugation. "Yeah, that's it,
suck the cock that fucked ya... suck the cock that fucked ya... suck
the cock that fucked ya..." over and over again while I sucked his
cock. It wasn't long before he blew another load this time down my
throat. His conquest complete, he gave my ass a swat, and started
getting dressed. When he was done, I had only managed to pull my
leotard back up over my ass, still trying to get used sexy preteen lolita pics
board dorki iboard3 loli to the ache
in my ass as I looked for the floor with my feet. "You're a good
fuck, kid. You won't have trouble getting that ass fucked whenever
you want." And with that he left the room."Whenever I want?" I said to myself. I soon went for the door and
entered the hallway.After I had just been fucked for the first time ever, the same time
I learned it was even possible to fuck boys, I ran down the hall to
the back table where Scooter's uncle was counting money and getting
ready to negotiate for more. He greeted me, "What do you want? You
gotta get ready for the next dance."I tried to look tough, but wearing see-through leotards, sticking
to the cum wiped on my ass and with a cum stain oozing from my
butt, destroyed all semblance of manhood. "Do we get any of that?"
I said angrily, motioning to the money."No, you consented to sexual intercourse by your own choice. The
proof's signed right here.""I happen to know that a minor can't legally consent to sex." I
retorted, gaining confidence."Are you telling me you're not 18? That's the first I've heard of
it. Why does this form show an adult ID from you? Do you think
that Mr...let's see here...", he said looking at the form, "...Mr.
Samuels would willingly have had sex with a minor if you hadn't
proved to him you're an adult? Should I have you arrested for
fraud?"I started reconsidering my tactic,"I consented to GET a blowjob,
not GIVE one," I said angrily, "And I didn't expect to have a cock
shoved up my ass!" my voice pubescently cracking, like Eddie
Furlong in T2, as I started to cry.The nearby hallway started to fill with the boys, my fellow dancers
listening now."That's not what it says here. What do you think intercourse is?
According to Mr Samuels, you eagerly swallowed his whole load. And
you didn't have a cock shoved up your ass, you had your ass
willfully fucked by ...", again looking at the form, "... Mr.
Edison's cock! When you're fucked by someone's cock, you take its
length up your ass MULTIPLE times, until its sperm is released up
your ass...And when you're willfully fucked by a cock, you can't
get enough, and you take as many loads of sperm up your ass as you
possibly can! ... Before it regrettably runs out your ass and down
your leg ... and by the looks of it, you really need to get your
ass cleaned up before lolita nudism top 100 the next dance. You look like a little slut!""I know these guys are paying for sex with me. I want the money.
You already took all our tips.""So you're not just a slut, you're a whore too!?" He coolly
replied.I started to seethe, "I'm not a whore, but you're definitely a
pimp."For the second time of the evening, I got slapped, but this time it
hurt as he stung with words too, spoken slowly, and firmly, making
sure the others could hear, "Get cleaned up and dressed for the
next dance, you cum-filled cunt.""No, I danced two dances. Give me my $100 dollars and I'll leave."
I surrendered."You'll get paid $250 when you finish the evening .. and according
to these forms, you consented to sex with quite a few others
tonight." He showed me about 5 or 6 signatures on the form Scooter
had me sign at the start of the night, all of them under the "With"
line below my name, and below "Jake Samuels" and "Elroy Edison"."Give me my $100 dollars, or I'll go to the police." I said calmly
but threateningly."Police?!" Scooter's uncle laughed out loud. "Who do you think
just fucked you. Mr. Edison is the chief of police."
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